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”POADCAST ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHY” by ” The Machine Man” on Soundcloud.

  •         Podcasts are audio files transmitted via the Internet created by the users. In them, people can offer selections of songs or talk about various subjects. They create a kind of virtual radio targeted to specific subjects that can be heard anytime, according to the characteristics of each listener.
  •         On the poadcast that I chose, ”The Machine Man” interviews a teacher who talks about photography, trying to make people understand why photos are always present in all of marketings or anyways to show any product, being with intention to sell anything or just show what it is and how the photographer feels. How pictures can be more than they just appear.
  •        He talks about how photo was a necessary invention, and how on the beginning of the 19th century, it were introduced many ways of reproduction of images, not only the photo but another technics like draws. After this, all of graphic industries has increased a lot, and sometimes people can also misunderstood what is reality because of the way that people express things. In the society where we live, there’re things that are difficult to show all of their importance only using a description. That’s when the photography comes.
  •       There’s no music on this poadcast. It’s actually a very simple one, it’s an interview. Listening it I can conclude that they used only the teacher’s voice with the intention to get more in the public, making it be more ”casual” in anyway, more like a conversation, and that he did it by himself. Not part of a radio program,  without editions. He just tried to use his knowledge to share with people a little bit about the history of the photography, graphic industries and how it comes for all of us in our lives every time.
  •      It’s a very interesting subject that can catch many people attentions no matter their ages, can make people thing about simple things that are presents in our lives. Comparing this poadcast with many other types of them, I believe that the people who made this one could have tried to make it more ” Funny” in someway, trying to use sound effects for example.

” Poadcast Fotografias” (Poadcast about photography) by ” The Machine Man” on Soundcloud.